Hello there.

Locally-owned restaurants are one of the cornerstones of any community.

Fill Your Hole will help guide you in finding a unique place to get a bite.

Restaurants featured generally excel in all of the following categories.

😛 Flavors are vital.

🐢 Consistency is important.

🥑 Quality across the board.

🏡 Atmosphere appropriate to the food style.

💲 Value is implicit.

There may be a criticism once in a while. It’s only to give you an idea of what to expect.

Chain restaurants will generally be avoided. However, there will be exceptions for restaurants that support other local businesses.

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More Details

I love a good locally-owned restaurant.

Though, To be fair… I do have an ulterior motive. I enjoy thinking about and participating in a community’s local economics.

A few things I think nearly everyone can agree on:

💰 Economics is involved in nearly every aspect of one’s life; From birth to death and nearly everything in between.

⌛ Every dollar represents some amount of time. That dollar may represent more or less time depending on your economic status.

🤑 You likely want to retain that investment of your time.

Studies( show that around 68 cents of each dollar spent at a locally owned establishment stays in the community. Only about 43 cents is retained locally when the dollar is spent at a national/regional chain. That’s $25 out of every $100!

If money equals time, that 25% of your time could be invested where it will help build a stable and self-reliant community. On the flip side… 25% of your time may be used to pad the coffers of some faraway entity that only extracts from the communities where they reside.

Spend your time wisely by participating in your local economy. Choose a local bank or credit union, restaurant, hardware store, grocery, etc.

“The best place to store surplus food is in your neighbor’s stomach.” –proverb