Nick and Elena’s Pizzaria

Nick and Elena’s Pizzaria reminds me of the local pizza joint when I was growing up. Get your provel on.

The Dining room is open again

A vestibule to help with the frequent door opening. Booths and tables with vinyl seats. Fantastic little homestyle art all over the place. This place has some serious 1980s pizza joint atmosphere.


Your soft drinks will come in translucent plastic cafeteria-style cups. Beer will arrive in a frosty bottle, pitcher, or glass.


Cheese garlic bread is my go-to. The salads are hefty and covered with Provel cheese.


Saint Louis-style pizzas are crispy and contain the magical Provel cheese. Just the right mix of cheese, sauce, and toppings. My go-to is the Nick & Elena’s Pizza Supreme


I have tried pasta con broccoli and it was spot on.

Details and Location

Location: 3007 Woodson Rd Breckenridge Hills, MO 63114


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