Cedar Hill Dar-E-Kreme

Cedar Hill Dar-E-Kreme is a small hilltop food and ice cream joint. It is hidden from the main thoroughfare but everyone within 30 miles knows about it.

They have always been consistent in their preparations… for many decades.

I don’t live nearby Dar-E-Kreme any longer, but I regularly go out of my way to visit and fill my hole.


Juicy smash-burgers with crispy edges on toasty buns.


The sides are fried to perfection and usually too hot to eat right away, but you will try anyway.

My only complaint is the fried pickle SPEARS… To be fair… I’ve never tried them at Dar-E-Kreme (I will on my next visit and I’ll report in). I’ve never met a single person that likes fried pickle spears. Chips are the only way to go.


The deserts are too many to name and you will have a tough time deciding with all of the toppings available.

Details and Location

Take Highway 30 West from STL to Cedar Hill and make a left on BB(South). Look for the entrance near the top of the hill on the right. The entrance is easy to miss, take the next right just past the building and enter from the rear.

7070 State Hwy BB, Cedar Hill, MO 63016

They’re open all year and only closed on Mondays.