Title: Lona’s lil’ Eats Tags: soups,wraps,bowls,teas Date: 2021-07-26

Lona’s lil’ Eats

Lona’s lil’ Eats… Ooof. The flavors here are nothing like I’ve experienced before. The mix of spicy, sour, sweet, savory in nearly every dish. (and probably a few more that aren’t coming to mind)

I was a little confused on my first visit to Lona’s. The menu looks like a run-of-the-mill healthy diner in Chicago. I was not expecting a build-your-own menu, but it works great.

Here is the only problem with Lona’s… I can never get a picture of the food. I eat it before remember to take a picture. Lona’s missing food picture…


If you like Brisket, Lona’s has some of the best I’ve ever tasted, it’s delicate and just melts in your mouth.

Roll with whatever your pallet desires. It’ll be worth it.

Wraps and Noodles and Soups

First off, Get the Hill Tribe Soup (usually served in the winter months)

The wraps are huge and stuffed with everything the soup has except the broth.


Get some hot tea (or iced tea if it’s hot out). Grown in China and Japan by Lona’s friends and family. The love shines through.

Details and Location

Location: 2199 California Ave. St. Louis, MO 63104