Title: TANGO Tags: empanada,argentinian,saintcharles,missouri Date: 2021-06-16

TANGO Argentina Food

TANGO Argentina Food makes around a dozen different empanadas.

TANGO empanadas takeout

You’ll be hard-pressed to find friendlier owners of a restaurant. If Argentina Football is playing, it will likely be on the TV; I’ve enjoyed watching a few minutes of the game while waiting for my empanadas to cook. (I don’t follow any sports, but soccer is fun to watch.)


Each unique filling is wrapped in dough, by hand, and fried to a crisp. Each empanada’s shape is a secret pattern that discloses its contents.

TANGO empanadas

Get what you like do your best to try all of them at some point. The spicy meat/chicken empanadas will satisfy your spice needs but they’re not overly hot.

The Empanadas reheat well in a toaster oven; pick up a few extra and try the different fillings.

Chimichurri Sauce

As of this moment, I’ve not tried the Chimichurri sauce. The sauce is sold by the jar; I’m determined to pick up a jar on my next visit.

(I’m going back soon and I promise I’ll update this post then.)

Details and Location

Call or order online; the empanadas take a good 10-20 minutes to prepare. (Empanadas are discounted by the dozen.)

Location: 2012 Campus Dr, St Charles, MO 63301


Open 4-9 pm Closed on Sunday and Monday.