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Gioia's Deli Aug 2, 2021 sandos & STL & thehill & crevecoeur & missouri Gioia’s deli has been open for over 100 years; One of those STL institutions that you need to try. They partner with and are a huge supporter of Cedar Hill Dar-E-Kreme Jul 30, 2021 burgers & sandos & icecream & STL & cedarhill & missouri is a small hilltop food and ice cream joint. It is hidden from the main thoroughfare but everyone within 30 miles knows about Nick and Elena's Pizzaria Jul 28, 2021 pizza & itallian & STL & stann & missouri Nick and Elena’s Pizzaria reminds me of the local pizza joint when I was growing up. Get your provel on. A vestibule to help with the frequent door Lona's lil' Eats Jul 26, 2021 soups & wraps & bowls & teas & STL Lona’s lil’ Eats… Ooof. The flavors here are nothing like I’ve experienced before. The mix of spicy, sour, sweet, savory in nearly every dish. (and SuWallers Bar & Grill Jul 24, 2021 burgers & sandos & STL & overland & missouri IS the pinnacle of the bar & grill establishments. Motorcycles outside, cold drinks, and hot food. Go with your heart O! Wing Plus Jul 23, 2021 wings & korean & asian & STL & overland & missouri is, hand’s down, the best wing joint in St Louis. Serving up uncommonly girthy wings that always come out picturesque. I recommend Foundry Bakery Jul 21, 2021 bakery & bread & sweetbuns & coffee & tea & boba & juice & maryland heights & STL The Foundry Bakery peddle some of the most unique and delicious breads I’ve had the honor of tasting. They also serve up all sorts of Sweet Buns, TANGO Jun 16, 2021 empanada & argentinian & saintcharles & missouri & STL Argentina Food makes around a dozen different empanadas. You’ll be hard-pressed to find friendlier owners of a restaurant. If Argentina Taqueria Durango Jun 14, 2021 tacos & mexican & STL & overland & missouri has reopened! I’m not sure if this is still the case, but they used to have a drink called Horchata on the weekend. Horchata is a KimCheese Jun 11, 2021 korean & asian & mexican & tacos & burgers & sandos & chesterfield & missouri & STL is a Korean/Mexican/American fusion restaurant. If a menu item looks good, get it. There is something on the menu for everyone. The